Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mystery Number!


Please check out this link to an interactive 100 chart! We have been using it in class to play "Mystery Number" and it is SO much fun!

One person picks a number between 1-100. Other players must ask questions to narrow it down, and guess the number. The only answers that can be given are yes or no!

We have learned that some questions can eliminate lots of numbers, and some only get rid of one.

For example, if we ask...

"Is your number 54?"   - That only gets rid of one number!

But if we ask...

"Does your number have 3 tens?"   - With a "no" answer, that would knock out 10 numbers!

And if we asked...

"Is your number odd?"   - We are getting rid of 50 numbers with one question!

Have fun playing!

Mrs Stevenson  😃

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bald Eagle Expert Book


Please check out our Bald Eagle expert book! We learned so much during our research! We are now beginning to work on our very own expert books! Stay tuned...😊

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Bald Eagle live camera link


Here is the link to the live bald eagle camera that we have been watching, in case you want to check it out at home!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring Break Games!

Today there will be a surprise in your child's backpack! They will be bringing home a package of games to play with you over spring break!

There are materials and instructions for several games that will help your child to build numeracy, problem solving and language skills.

Please play often and enjoy!

Mrs. Stevenson

The games included in the package are...

Beat That 10 Frame Game

Make 10/Make 20

Pattern Block Symmetry Game

The Syllable Game

In and Out

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bald Eagles

Room 1 has chosen to do a research project on bald eagles. We have already learned lots of interesting information!

While researching, we have also been learning about the different parts of non-fiction books, like the titles, chapters, table of contents, index and glossary. We will continue to use books as well as videos and hands-on activities to become bald eagle experts!

We began by learning about the appearance of a bald eagle. Did you know they have a wing span of 7 feet?!? We could not believe it! To put into perspective just how big that is, we created our own life-sized, 2-D bald eagle! Check out the pictures below and stay tuned for more bald eagle learning!

Monday, 13 February 2017

How is My Child Being Assessed?

As we approach second term report cards, many parents and guardians are curious about how their child is being assessed. 

As always, I aim to use a wide variety of instructional methods in order to cater to the different learning styles of all the children in the class. The same goes for assessment. Your child’s progress is constantly being assessed through formative assessment techniques. This allows me to gauge where your child is at and decide on the best “next steps” to help them grow as a learner.

Around report card time, I will be assessing where your child is at, in regards to the grade 1 or 2 curriculum, for where we are at in the year. The first two report cards of the school year are NOT based on the expected year-end curricular outcomes, rather, the indicators are decided upon in relation to where your child’s learning is expected to be at that point in the year.

Below are some pictures that highlight some of the instruction and assessment techniques that are used within the classroom. 

Instructional Methods...

Whole group instruction

Small group instruction

Use of technology, such as SMARTboards and iPads

Hands-on activities

Abundant modelling and demonstration

Using multiple intelligences


Assessment Methods...

Observations from the design process, whole group discussions, 1:1 meetings, morning routines, guided reading, science experiments (pictured), group work, math centers, etc.

Looking at a body of student work, not just one piece

Writing conferences

Small group guided reading and running records


Self and Teacher assessment based upon criteria

Should you ever have any questions about what is happening within the classroom, or how your child is being assessed, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Amy Stevenson

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Global Play Day!

Our Play Day today was AMAZING!!!

The joy that the kids were showing was infectious and it was so wonderful to see them having fun and using their imaginations.

I saw too many examples of sharing and kindness to even count. We had play dates with other classes so that we were able to interact with different grades and children, and make some new friends!

There was also a lot of learning happening... some kids chose to make boats or musical instruments using the design process, (check out the video on Instagram!)others were using their math skills while playing Pokemon cards and several kids made fortune tellers and practiced their writing skills inside. That is not to mention all of the art skills that were being put to work!

Overall, it was a fantastic day of fun, learning and friendship. Please check out the pictures below and
also visit our Instagram account at linwood_room_1 for more!

Mrs. Stevenson